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About air up®


We all know how important water is, but let’s face it, water can be boring, dull, and monotonous. But what choice do we have? The alternatives on our supermarket shelves invariably contain untold amounts of sugar, and who knows what other rubbish. So you, the consumer, must make a decision: health, or taste?

But why make that choice, when you can get the best of both worlds?

“It’s impossible.” “It can’t be done.” “You can’t hack the system like that.” We’ve heard it all. And what do we say? That’s simple - challenge accepted. To dare to do what nobody has ever done before, we have to think completely new.

The air up® drinking system is a refillable bottle that turns plain tap water into flavoured water through scent alone. It’s a simple idea, but one that redefines drinking completely. Radically different, visionary, and with no hidden small print. Calorie-free, sugar-free, and rubbish-free.

How does it work? Well, it couldn’t be simpler – water in, Pod on and voilà: taste explosion. With air up®, you’re drinking nothing but pure water. You can empty it, sniff it, run it through as many tests as you please, but nothing will change. Drinking with air up® is drinking water, pure and simple. Compared to your average single-use bottled drink, air up® pods produce up to 88% less plastic. And transporting our small, lightweight scent Pods can be more carbon-efficient than transporting heavy pre-filled bottles.

Convenience? Think air up®. Taste? Think air up®. Conscious consumption that supports the health both of people and of the environment? Think air up®.

Think new. Drink new.

That's us!


The people behind the Pods

So much has happened since we started this journey. Our five-person founding team has evolved into a steadily growing company full of great people from around the world. We’re a real motley crew jugglers of ideas, visions, and passions. A crew that makes the world a little better with the work we do. Want to join the adventure? Send us your application!

Corporate Communications

We give air up® a face and a voice to the outside. We always keep an eye on the trends of our target group and thus lay the foundation for our corporate strategy.

Product team

They’re what started it all: our iconic air up bottle and scent Pods. We have the kickass product, but the journey doesn’t end there. As the Product team, we’re always on the hunt for the next big game changer in the air up® universe. Our days are spent obsessing over the details, tightening tolerance levels, and researching and developing the next big thing. As Product Designers, Developers and Managers, thinking new is our obsession.

Marketing & PR

Whether it’s PR or Brand, Performance or E-Commerce, we’re the people whose mission it is to make sure the world knows what air up® is all about. We’re not just marketers; we are creators, innovators and pioneers. And our craft doesn’t just sell the product; it tells the brand story in vanguard ways. We inspire millions to Think New.


Sales. They’re what enable any successful business to drive forward. Online and offline retail are the core of our sales model, but we wouldn’t be air up® if we didn’t venture into lesser known territories. Using influencer and affiliate marketing, we ensure we’re always ahead of the pack.


What’s a great product if it doesn’t reach the customer? This is where the Logistics team comes in. Whether it’s the meticulous monitoring of inventory, streamlining shipments or tracking freight transport, we make sure our customers aren’t kept waiting.

Customer Engagement

Got a question about a product? Want some help with which flavor to choose? Enter: the Customer Engagement Team. Whatever your query we (probably) have the answers. Whether it’s functionality, shipping or complaints, we’re customers’ first port of call when it comes to customer service.

Finance & Legal

Those who jump for joy at the sight of long columns of data and pages of small print will find themselves right at home with us in the Finance & Legal Team. From organizing suppliers to finalizing contracts, we’re the engine that keeps the air up® machine running.


The unsung heroes. At least, that’s what we call ourselves. All operational processes relating to our products are overseen by our team of IT masterminds. Whatever the technical problem, we’re the men and women from the job, making sure our company runs smoothly, day in, day out.

People & Culture

Hi! In People & Culture, we’re the beating heart of air up®. But we don’t just organize social events and conduct interviews. In addition to being the contact point for applicants, we are the go-to team when it comes to professional and personal development. Put simply, we take care of everything that makes working at air up® such a joy.