All about air up®

Our Story So Far

To fully understand the love and passion that goes into our products, we feel it’s important you get to know the team and the story behind them. Of course, we’re not going to be handing out our team’s mobile numbers or anything here. However, we invite you to understand how a small team of 5 people developed a university project into a water revolution powered by over 100 employees. 

In 2016, Tim and Lena (two of our founders) designed the very first prototype of the air up® bottle as part of their university project. Their brief? Neuroscience meets design. 

One year later, Fabian, a friend of Lena, is completing his master’s thesis based on the power of aromas. Tim, Lena and Fabian team up with Jannis, an old school friend of Lena, and begin to explore the possibilities of their drinking system becoming a reality. 

By 2018, the team grows once again, with Simon joining the fantastic 4 to make it 5. Further product developments are made at TU Munich. Along with this, Ten-Ace GmbH is founded, and the first investors are brought on board. But a name is still needed.  

In 2019, air up® GmbH is founded. Employees are hired, more investors are brought in, and further product development is made. The air up® drinking system is successfully launched and brought to market. 

2020 arrives, and, after a re-branding, air up® begins to rapidly grow, launching in various countries across Europe. Chris is appointed co-CEO. 

Now, you read this, and the air up® story is one of success, innovation, and rebellion. 

So, now that you know all about us, we hope you’ll join us in this water revolution. However, if you’ve got any more questions, we’ve tried our best to answer them here: