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Give me a quick reason why I need an air up® bottle.

This is not one reason. But it’s quick:

1. It's not a water bottle. It flavours water through scent.

That’s like... Pretty cool.

2. You get 5 litres of flavor per pod. That’s a lot.

3. We often drink more water because of it. Maybe you will, too.

4. You can choose your material. Steel or Tritan.

5. There's loads of flavours to pick. Even coffee flavor.

Discover These Fan Favourites.

Create your own starter set!

Craft your own unique combo. Pick any air up® water bottle, then add whatever flavour pod you fancy!

Bottles starting from £24.99

How Does It Work?

What makes us different? Absolutely everything.

The air up® drinking system isn’t your regular water bottle. It’s part of a water revolution, with an added touch of style and splash of German innovation for good measure.

A refillable bottle, powered by aroma Pods, the air up® drinking system allows you to drink only water, but experience cherry, peach, and more!

By tricking your brain into thinking you’re drinking flavoured water (through your sense of smell), the air up® drinking system transforms your water from regular or sparkling water into a tasty sensation.



Who’s counting? Well, we. And whoever clicks this link

At air up®, sustainability is always a work in progress.

Find out here how we're tackling plastic reduction, transport efficiency and renewable energy.

Our Customers ❤️​​​​​​​ Us.

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