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Club Flavour welcomes you!

20% discount on 2 or more pod packs + free shipping 🎉
Loyalty rewards 🎁
Switch, add, or remove flavours anytime 🍏🍓
Easily Skip, Pause or Cancel your membership ⏯️
• Starting at €10.18 a month • Every pod has 5L+ of flavor • Every pod has 5L+ of flavor


By joining Club Flavour, you’ll subscribe to receive regular pod orders with a 20% discount from their individual price. You can manage your account and subscription, including pausing your subscription, skipping an order, or cancelling your subscription, at any point. The pods you subscribe to are entirely your choice (providing your total monthly subscription includes 2 or more pod packs), and you can edit, remove, or add additional pods whenever you want. A monthly subscription is our most commonly used option, but every 2 or 3 months is also available.

Absolutely not. You’re not committed to anything, and can cancel at any time. Your subscription continues month by month, and there is no contract. If you’re looking to cancel or pause your subscription, we recommend cancelling 3 days before your next billing date. This is so the cancellation can process on time, and you won't be charged for the following pods. The same window applies for skipping your subscription. Log in to your account to change your subscription and view all the details.

We will inform you about this by e-mail, and will try to make the payment again after four days. If the payment fails again, we will try up to six times maximum. After this, your subscription will be set as inactive and will stop. To resolve this, sign in and update your payment method or add a new one. The subscription will then be reactivated (provided that this payment method works), and you’ll begin receiving your pods again.

You sure can! Once you're logged in to your air up account, select 'Club Flavour'. Here you can change flavours, adjust the delivery frequency, and more.